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More girls in school

Did you know that, although ensuring girls stay in the classroom is seen as crucial in the fight to eradicate global poverty, 130 million girls worldwide are still not going to school?

Each additional year of school attendance will improve a girl's chance for a better future. Educating girls gives them the freedom to make decisions to improve their lives, which has deep social implications.

That’s why our profits go to initiatives in countries where education isn’t obvious for everyone. Read more about the education projects we support.

Scarves made from natural fibres

Counting Flowers offers a distinctive collection of unique, handmade scarves and shawls made from pure, natural fibres. Enjoy our scarves from silk, cashmere and alpaca, and our specials such as yak wool and lotus fibre.

Each scarf is a work of art with delicate details, produced by the most talented artisans. We are currently working with seventien artisans, cooperatives and organisations in thirteen countries.

Interested to learn more about what drives us? Find more information about the idea behind our collection scarves and shawls.

The stories behind our scarves

Each scarf by Counting Flowers is handcrafted by small-scale producers from emergent countries. We work directly with the artisans and buy their products on the basis of Fairtrade principles.

With your purchase you will not only become the owner of a beautiful and distinctive scarf, you will simultaneously help to increase the income of the artisans who made it.

Meet the artisans of our scarves and shawls.