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The board of the foundation consists of Margot van Sluis (chair), Guus van Sluis en  Melanie Miltenburg.

We can only offer a reasonable price if we work efficiently at competitive costs. All Friends of Counting Flowers as well as third parties support the artisans by doing their work for minimum wage.

 Or even for free. 

Together we continue to strive for:

  • maximum revenue by selecting scarves that you want to buy;

  • lowest possible costs, made ​​possible thanks to the support from our friends, who provide their services at minimal cost;

  • maximum profit, 100% is used to finance education projects in developing countries.


Weaving in Indonesia
Visiting artisans from Hidup Baru on West Timor island, Indonesia.


Counting Flowers is committed to full disclosure regarding its operations. According to our guidelines, after deducting VAT (21%) and import duties (8%) on average:

  • 50% is paid directly to the artisans;

  • 15% is reserved for transport (both into Europe and to the consumer);
  • 35% is reserved for organisational costs and profit which is redirected to emergent countries                

Financial accountability 2011 until 2016

All profit (100%) of the years 2011 up to 2014 has been donated to Young Focus Foundation.
 In 2015 and 2016 we shared our profit between Young Focus and WEAVE Foundation.

Compensation board members: € 0

Travel compensation: € 0