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Scarf - accessory

A scarf for every season

You can never own too many scarves. In that sense scarves are like shoes and bags, a perfect accessory to pimp your outfit. A scarf is an essential part of any winter wardrobe. A soft wool scarf will keep you warm during bleak winter months.

As the days grow warmer, lightweight scarves from silk, cashmere and pashmina will add a finishing touch to your clothing. A scarf is ideal for chilly in-between season weather, when it’s not quite warm enough to go without a jacket.



Scarf as an accessory

Spring, summer, autumn, winter: a scarf for every season.


A scarf is a great accessory for every season. Showcase your personality by mixing lovely natural fibres, wonderful colours and catchy designs. The same outfit will look completely different when you wear it with a different style scarf.

Counting Flowers offers scarves for everyone and every season: warm wool scarves for winter, soft comfortable scarves for spring and autumn, and graceful silk scarves for summer.

All our scarves are handmade from natural fibres by talented artisans in developing countries.

Visit our webshop and select your favourite scarf by colour, fibre, country or price.