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Social Enterprise

Counting Flowers is a so-called social enterprise. Social enterprises are businesses that trade to tackle social problems, improve communities, people’s life chances, or the environment. A social enterprise chooses to maximise its social impact rather than its profits (impact first).

Policy on Corporate Social Responsibility

The artisans we are working with are either small independent entrepreneurs, employee of a Fairtrade organisation or member of a co operative.

All artisans involved receive a fair price for their scarves, so they themselves can improve their living conditions. All scarves are sourced based on Fairtrade principles.

Working conditions

Many of our scarves are made ​​at home. Counting Flowers buys its scarves directly from the weavers. We provide full transparency about the artisans of the scarves.

Counting Flowers knows and visits them as much as possible; therefore we know there is no forced labour, child labour or discrimination.


Sabahar team
Artisans working with Sabahar, Ethiopia.


Ecological production

Counting Flowers strives to buy scarves produced in an environmentally friendly way. Many of our scarves are made of organic silk and dyed with natural dyes.

In 2014 60% of the artisans worked with natural (non-chemical) dyes and more than 25% of the artisans worked ecologically friendly. Some artisans produce eco-labelled scarves and shawls only, which means that during the whole production process no chemicals or artificial fertilisers are used.


Artisan in Myanmar creates natural dye
Artisan creates natural dye, Myanmar.


CO2 emissions

Counting Flowers offsets its CO2 emissions by investing in the planting of trees in developing countries and by stimulating sustainable energy projects. We do this through Trees for All and GreenSeat ( and

Counting Flowers keeps a digital administration and has a 'no paper' policy. Wherever possible we use biodegradable materials and of course we drink Fairtrade coffee and nibble on Fairtrade chocolates.