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How we work

You grant Counting Flowers its sole right of existence by buying its products. We do everything to offer unique, handmade and fair trade products at a reasonable price.


How we work


We locate our products by constantly looking for talented, creative and reliable artisans in countries in development. In many cases we identify the artisans only after first buying samples through distributors or dealers. 

Where possible we trace the identity of the artisans and order samples directly from them. If the quality of the sample proves to be really good and you are buying the products, we proceed to order larger quantities. At the same time we identify the artisans and verify their story.


How we work in Nepal

Currently we buy our products from 35 different artisans, co operatives and weaving groups in 17 countries worldwide: Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bolivia, Cambodja, Ethiopia, Haiti, India, Indonesia, Laos, Madagascar, Myanmar, Nepal, Uganda, Pakistan, Peru, Thailand en South-Africa.


Worldmap artisans Counting Flowers
We currently work with 17 artisans, weaving cooperatives and Fairtrade organisations in 13 countries.

All profits Counting Flowers makes, go to girls' education projects in emergent countries.