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Our vision

We would like to offer you a beautiful and distinctive scarf, which simultaneously makes the world a little bit more beautiful.

We believe that we can contribute to this by stimulating local employment for the current generation while we invest in education projects for the next generation.

  • Counting Flowers tries to improve the opportunities for artisans by initiating trade, minimising barriers and mitigating risks as much as possible.
  • The articles of association of the Counting Flowers Foundation state that all profits are used for the benefit of underprivileged children in emergent countries.

Artisan works on delicate silk scarf
Artisan in Prey veng province, Cambodia

The origin of Counting Flowers

My name is Elike van Sluis, founder of Counting Flowers. In 2007 my husband Dirk and I left the Netherlands to travel the world. It was during these years on the road that we developed a first idea of what eventually became Counting Flowers.

Besides our personal quest for beautiful scarves we were looking for a concept where we could offer underprivileged people in different upcoming countries a way to improve their livelihoods.

Although we realise that it is impossible to solve all poverty issues in the world, why not just give it a try?

In 2010 Counting Flowers opened its virtual doors!

Kommaly of Mulberries and Elike
Elike at Fairtrade organisation Mulberries in Laos.