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Warmest scarf

Counting Flowers offers scarves and shawls for each season. The warmest scarf in our collection? Definitely our scarves and shawls from Nepal, made from genuine yak wool, cashmere and pashmina.

View our yak wool scarves and shawls:
Yak wool shawl black
Yak wool shawl brown

And visit our collection cashmere scarves and shawls.


Warm winter scarves
The yak provides the warmest wool [Credits: The Guardian, 'Yak wool: the new cashmere'. Photograph: PR]


Warmest wool scarf

The warmest wool is without a doubt yak wool, followed by cashmere and pashmina. Both yak and chyangra goat live at high altitude in the Himalayas and have long hair with a dense woolly undercoat to insulate them from the extreme cold.

The artisans that make our scarves only use the softest part of the already very soft undercoat of the animals. That's why our scarves are not only very warm but also surprisingly soft.

Why wool is warm

Wool is a very durable natural fibre with excellent insulating qualities. Wool can easily absorb up to thirty percent of its weight in moisture without feeling damp or cold. So it will keep you nicely warm by keeping heat close to your body.

Counting Flowers only offers pure wool scarves and shawls, no wool products that are mixed with other fibres.


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