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About Counting Flowers

Our vision

Counting Flowers offers people in developing countries since 2010 the opportunity to earm (more) money. By buying their products for a reasonable price, paying this price instantly and by creating a bigger market for them.  We can not solve poverty. But at least we have to try to make the difference for some.  All profits Counting Flowers makes, are returned to emergent countries. Either through the investments we make to increase the trade or by financing education for children in those countries. More about 'Our vision'


Counting Flowers offers entrepreneurs a sales channel to consumers in the West.
 At the same time, Counting Flowers offers consumers in the West a beautiful product with an attractive underlying philosophy. More about 'Concept'


We buy scarves from 35 different weavers in 17 countries around the globe. We visit the artisans and listen to their stories. Curious to learn more about the story behind your scarf? Read more. More about 'Artisans'

Natural fibres

Our scarves and shawls are made from natural fibres only. No polyester, acryl or viscose but silk, cashmere, yak wool, alpaca, mohair and cotton. You can feel the difference and it shows. More about 'Natural fibres'


Counting Flowers is committed to full transparency regarding its operations. We aim for high revenues, low costs and maximised profits. Our goal: to improve the chances of underprivileged people in emergent countries. More about 'Organisation'

Social Enterprise

Counting Flowers is a so-called social enterprise. This means that we will always be reinvesting to further increase our social impact. We also pay attention to the working conditions of the artisans and compensate our CO2 emissions. More about 'Social Enterprise'

How we work

By buying our products, you grant Counting Flowers its sole right of existence. We love to offer you a gorgeous piece of luxury, which simultaneously makes the world a little bit more beautiful.

 More about 'How we work'

How to help

You can help too! By buying a product you directly support the artisans directly. Tell your friends about us. If you know any weavers in emergent countries, inform us. With your help we can send another child to school. More about 'How to help'


The friends of Counting Flowers make it all happen. Because of them we are able to offer you an extraordinary Fairtrade scarf for a reasonable price. They help us to maximise our profit so we can support girls' education. More about 'Friends'


Since 2011 Counting Flowers has been donating its profit to Young Focus. This organisation sends children living on Manila's (Philippines) largest garbage dump to school. In 2015 and 2016 we also funded the Women Study Programme of WEAVE. This Foundation supports women and girls who live in the refugee camps along the Thai-Myanmar border. More about 'Education'