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Real pashmina

Real pashmina shawl

2012-09-01 - The new collection pashmina scarves and shawls has arrived. Beautiful, super-soft scarves made from 100% genuine pashmina wool in the new winter colours taupe, Columbia blue, French roast, titanium and pink flambe. More about real pashmina?

Pashmina wool is the best part of cashmere wool. Pashmina comes from the Chyangra, a mountain goat that lives at high altitudes in the Himalaya mountain range. The goat's double fur pelt protects it from the extreme and harsh weather conditions.

The belly of the Chyangra is covered with two layers of fur: a very soft inner fur and a thicker outer fur. The finest hairs from the inner fur are being used for pashmina wool. The other hairs are used for cashmere wool in different qualities (A, B or C quality, based on the thickness – as measured in microns – of the hairs).

Pashmina wool is so delicate that it can only be spun by hand. The scarves or shawls are thereafter woven by hand.

Counting Flowers sells pashmina’s directly from Sana Hastakala, a fair trade organisation in Nepal. We offer two sizes: scarves of 15,7 x 70,9 inches and shawls of 29,5 x 78,7 inches.

The name 'pashmina' is not protected. Many pashmina’s that are sold with a label '100% pashmina' are made from cheaper, non-natural materials such as viscose or polyester.

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