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Invest in girls and change the world

Invest in girls and change the world

2016-07-20 - Counting Flowers invests all of its profit in education projects for girls in developing countries. Education is one of the most powerful instruments for reducing poverty. Educated mothers will take responsibility for the schooling of their daughters. Research proves time and time again that education breaks the vicious circle of poverty by empowering girls.

Educated girls are more independent and have more control over their own lives. They get fewer children at a later age.

Women with an education earn more and invest their income in their family (more than men). This leads to better nutrition, improved health and better schooling for the children.

At present girls still do not have equal access to education. When there is a shortage of money many parents will decide that the son can go to school while the daughter stays at home.

In most cases sons are culturally advantaged and parents tend to invest more in them than in their daughters because the latter will likely move in with her parents-in-law after marriage. Development Assistance still focuses more on boys than girls.

Education for girls in Phnom Penh
Girls learn to read in Cambodia

The facts

  • Girls that attended school for seven years will get married around four years later and will have two children less than uneducated girls;
  • One additional year in primary school will increase the future income of girls with 10-20%. An extra year at secondary school will add another 15-25%;
  • Women invest 90% of their income in their families. Men in turn invest an average of 30-40% of their income in their families;
  • Educated mothers will vaccinate their children more often (50%) than uneducated women;
  • Educating girls leads to less malnutrition and a reduced chance to catch HIV;
  • An average of 75% of all young people with HIV are girls. Poverty and lack of education make girls extra vulnerable;
  • Less than 2% of Development Assistance is aimed at girls.

(Sources: United Nations, Council on Foreign Relations, World Food Programme, Time)

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Education for girls in Cambodia
Girl education in Cambodia

Education for girls in Manila
Cheerful girls in the Philippines

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