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Ikat silk scarf

Ikat silk scarf

2013-05-28 - A beautiful naturally dyed silk scarf, handwoven in the complex ikat technique. The scarf is woven by a family from a rural village in Takeo province, Cambodia. The colours are made from locally found natural ingredients. Pure Fairtrade luxury.

Pom and his wife Sokoan, both master weavers and experts in the field of natural dye, are responsible for this wonderful piece. Their designs and colours are quite extraordinary. Because of the increasing demand for their product other artisans from the village are weaving scarves now as well.

Take a detailed look at this ikat silk scarf.

Specifications scarf

Fibre: raw and soft silk
Colour: warm pink with yellow ikat details
Soft: 8 out of 10
Supple: 8 out of 10
Thick: 2 out of 10
Dimensions: 20x70 inches
Weight: 1.7 ounces
Country: Cambodia
Price: £ 45

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All scarves made by artisans from Craft Village in Cambodia.

Silk scarf ikat detail
Ikat detail used for the scarves of Counting Flowers

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