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Fair Fashionista finalist 2014

Fair Fashion Festival

2014-10-05 - Counting Flowers Founder Elike van Sluis is one of the three finalists of Fair Fashionista 2014, a challenge organised by the Fair Fashion Festival in the Netherlands. You can cast your vote and help her to get more attention for fair fashion.

You can vote by liking Elike’s story with reasons why she thinks fair fashion is the only way to go on Facebook.

According to Elike "Fair fashion is the answer for those who love fashion but don’t like the bad taste the mainstream fashion industry leaves."

And further, "I love to wear beautiful clothes but not on the backs of (young) women in developing countries. A cheap shirt isn’t that cheap after all. It’s just not you who is paying the price.

In 85% of the cases our clothes are being made by women in low cost countries. They get up every morning to go to the factory to work till late at night under poor conditions. They earn our respect and at least a fair salary for their work.

Elike van Sluis

The fashion industry is one of the larger industries in the world. It is also a big polluter.

To grow the cotton for one pair of jeans 7,000 liters of water and ten tablespoons of pesticides are needed. Eco and Fairtrade cotton are better alternatives.

I would like to limit my own footprint. That is why I choose natural fibres preferably dyed with natural dyestuff. And I love second hand and vintage clothes.

The advantage of second hand clothes is that you often find unique pieces. And you contribute directly to less pollution since only 25% of our clothes is currently being recycled.

On the photo I wear an organic cotton shirt by Alchemist, a second hand jacket, a scarf by Counting Flowers, and, not visible, Kuyichi jeans and sneakers by Ethletics.

A better world starts with yourself. That is why I choose Fairtrade!”

The Fair Fashion Festival takes place on Sunday 26 October in Winkel van Sinkel in Utrecht, the Netherlands.


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