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I made your clothes

2017-04-24 - Today is Fashion Revolution Day, the day we honour the 1.138 garment workers who lost their lives during the collapse of clothing factory Rana Plaza in Bangladesh on 24 April 2013. The tragedy at Rana Plaza was the deadliest disaster in the history of the garment industry worldwide. It showed the poor and very unsafe conditions the garment workers had to work in.

It's also the first day of Fashion Revolution Week. This annual global campaign offers a platform where consumers can declare their love of fashion, but not at the cost of other people or the environment. 

That's why this week is about asking ourselves 'Who made my clothes'?

We at Counting Flowers believe that our customers would love to know who made their scarf as much as we do. That they want the artisans earn fair wages and can do their weaving in a safe working environment.

That's why we offer complete information about the artisans, co operatives, weaving families and Fairtrade organisations that are involved in making our scarves and shawls. Every customer of Counting Flowers can proudly say 'I know who made my scarf'.

I made your clothes
            Tont, Elike and Vinita

Already since our start in 2010 Vinita and Tont have been working together making scarves for us. Founder Elike met Vinita for the first time in 2009 at her home in the North of Thailand. She was impressed by the quality and look of Vinita's silk pieces.

Today Vinita is one of our best selling artisans. Her versatile silk scarves come in beautiful and very colourful batik and tie-dye designs.

An overview of Vinita's scarves in our webshop;
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