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A perfect Christmas gift

A perfect Christmas gift

2018-12-07 - It is the month of December and we’re gearing up for the holiday season. Setting up Christmas tree, check. Decorating windows and garden, check. Christmas gifts, check.

We can’t help you to decorate your home, but we can make things a little easier for you regarding Christmas gifts. So we already prepared a collection of perfect scarves and shawls to give for Christmas.

Why a scarf of shawl?

One, because you can order your piece online so you don’t have to go outdoors. We will giftwrap the scarf for you so you don’t have to worry about that either. All orders placed before 18 December will be delivered no later than 25 December.

Two, because a scarf and shawl fit everyone. Our collection suits both women and men. Choose the piece you like best and you’ll have a great gift that will last a lifetime for yourself or the one you’ll give it to.

And 3, because our scarves and shawls are special. Each piece is made by hand from the most beautiful natural fibres by talented artisans around the globe.

We made sure the artisans were payed a fair price for their work and all profits we make is reinvested in education projects in countries where education isn’t obvious for everyone.

Especially selected for you

View our collection unique Christmas scarves and shawls.
And our selection of scarves under £ 35.

And giftwrapped for free

Each piece will be nicely giftwrapped by Rob and Perry. Moniek and Leo will collect all packages and take them to the Post. They are working at Onze Zaak, a social enterprise in Rotterdam [Netherlands] where people with an intellectual disability make a difference.

Happy holidays! - Team Counting Flowers


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View our complete collection scarves and shawls;
Read more about the artisans of our scarves and shawls.


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