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New yak and cashmere (pashmina) scarves

2020-01-13 - Our cashmere and yak scarves are back!.

We have a new supply of those wonderful soft cashmere sjaals, also known as pashminas. We have the almost weightless ones, in luxurious big sizes (70x200cm) and wonderful colours. But we also have the 'regular' cashmere scarve,as a stole (70x200cm) and a muffler (30x160 cm).

Next to our pashmina's we also got some yak-woolen scarves again. This is something special, because yak wool is super soft and warm. Yak wool is harvested from the yak, a domesticated longhaired bovine living in the highlands of the Himalaya’s. Quality yak wool is made from the soft, long hairs of the yak’s belly. 

Counting Flowers sells mufflers and large stoles from Nepalese yak wool. Our new collection is made of 50% yak and 50% cotton. This makes a lively design, still very soft and warm and affordable.

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