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Silk scarf kantha swing


Colourful silk kantha scarf from Bangladesh.

Women from Basha in Bangladesh created this colourful silk kantha scarf.

Basha is a local Fairtrade organisation that provides the women with sustainable work and fair wages.

The scarf is part of a series of nine pieces made from two different saris. Each piece is slightly different than the others.

Size: 11.8 x 78.8 inches
Artisan: Basha, Bangladesh
Fibre: Silk
Weight: 3.4 ounces

Availability: 5 piece(s)

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Extremely soft
very supple

Made by Basha


Basha is a young Fairtrade organisation in Dhaka and Mymensing, Bangladesh. Its aim is to support underprivileged women in finding dignified employment. Basha's vision is to continue to grow as long as there are women in the country in need of a proper job. At present around fifty women are employed with Basha.

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Because of its beautiful lustre and colourfulness, silk is a very stylish and very popular fibre. Silk is flexible and comfortable and has the unique quality to warm you when it is cold and cool you when it is hot. Silk is durable, lightweight, non-allergic and feels soft to the skin.

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