Alpaca shawl brown sugar


Baby alpaca shawl from the highlands in Peru.

Comfy brown striped shawl from baby alpaca. The shawl is handwoven by Hilaria Cruz from Pumahuanca, a small village in the Andes.

Hilaria used undyed wool from different alpacas to create this shawl.

Size: 15.8 x 82.7 inches
Artisan: Highland Indians from Peru, Peru
Fibre: Alpaca wool
Weight: 10.2 ounces

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Very soft
very supple

Made by Highland Indians from Peru

Highland Indians from Peru

Our wool alpaca scarves from Peru are real pieces of art. The scarves are handmade by highland Indians from the Andes in Peru. Both women and men are experienced weavers.

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Alpaca wool is soft, strong, light and warm. Alpaca’s produce fibre that is as fine as cashmere, and much warmer and lighter than sheep wool.

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