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Silk scarf tie-dye narak


Silk tie-dye scarf from the North of Thailand.

Silk summer around your neck. This versatile silk scarf is handmade by Vinita in Thailand.

Vinita knows how to combine colours and dyes her silk and cotton scarves using dyeing techniques like batik or tie-dye. This piece was tie-dyed in different shades of violet and ocean green.

A great piece to carry with you day and night!

Size: 31.5 x 65 inches
Artisan: Vinita, Thailand
Fibre: Silk
Weight: 1.6 ounces

Availability: 7 piece(s)

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Paying methods
Extremely soft
very supple
Very thin

Made by Vinita


Vinita is an artist in her fifties living in the northern part of Thailand. Because being an artist does not pay well, she now earns an income by dyeing silk scarves.

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Because of its beautiful lustre and colourfulness, silk is a very stylish and very popular fibre. Silk is flexible and comfortable and has the unique quality to warm you when it is cold and cool you when it is hot. Silk is durable, lightweight, non-allergic and feels soft to the skin.

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