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Silk scarves from around the world

Silk yarn

2012-10-07 - Silk is an extraordinary natural fibre. It feels soft to the skin and has a beautiful lustre. Silk has the wonderful ability to keep you cool on a hot summer day and to keep you comfortably warm when days are getting colder.

Counting Flowers offers a distinctive collection handcrafted silk scarves and shawls from around the world.  We selected scarves in different types of silk: from the famous mulberry silk to the less known wild silk and eri silk.

Silk scarves from Afghanistan

Artisans from Afghanistan are master weavers making the most beautiful scarves in both traditional and modern style. The design of the silk scarves from Arghand is based on the Afghan turban. The naturally dyed silk scarves of Azezana follow new trends.

Silk scarves from Afghanistan


Silk fair trade scarves from Cambodia

The artisans Counting Flowers works with in Cambodia are multi talented. From modern to more traditional designs all scarves are soft, elegantly woven and mostly dyed with natural colours.

Silk scarves from Cambodia


Hand painted silk scarves from Haiti

The silk scarves from Haiti are hand painted by women artists from Atis Fanm Matenwa. The women are inspired by their culture, voodoo religion and the flora and fauna of Haiti. Each scarf is a piece of art signed by the woman who painted it.

Silk scarves from Haiti


Naturally dyed silk scarves from Laos

Lao artisans are skilled weavers. Young girls learn how to weave silk from their mothers who were taught by their mothers. From Laos we offer a range of naturally dyed organic silk scarves, which means that no pesticides or chemicals have been used throughout the entire production process of the scarf.

Silk scarves from Laos


Wild silk scarves from Madagascar

Wild silk yarn has a thicker structure than soft silk. That is why the naturally dyed wild silk scarves from Madagascar look less shiny and more robust than regular silk scarves. The beautiful scarves in traditional colours are handwoven by artisans from the south of the African island.

Wild silk scarves from Madagascar


Silk scarves from Thailand

Thailand is famous for its Thai silk, mulberry silk reared in-country. The artisans Counting Flowers works with create a variety of wonderful designs using weaving techniques such as ikat and khit, and dying techniques such as tie-dye and batik.

Silk scarves from Thailand




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