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Silk scarves

Silk scarf from Haiti

2012-10-22 - Counting Flowers offers a distinctive and broad international collection silk scarves. In our web shop you will find exquisite hand painted (and signed) silk scarves from Haiti and exclusive ecological scarves made from certified organic silk from Laos.

You will also find traditional wild silk scarves from Madagascar, wonderful naturally dyed silk scarves from Afghanistan, raw silk scarves and naturally dyed silk scarves from Cambodia, and mulberry and eri silk scarves from Thailand.

Silk is soft and supple and has a luxurious look because of its (often) high natural lustre. You can find more information about our different types of silk and care instructions on:

Silk (mulberry silk, organic silk and raw silk)
Eri silk
Wild silk

A large number of silk scarves from Counting Flowers has a Fairtrade Label. However also scarves without the official Label are purchased on the basis of fair trade principles and all profits go to education projects for girls in the countries of the artisans.

We buy directly from the artisans, talented people who create the most beautiful scarves. Visit the artisans of our scarves.

Take a look at the collection handmade silk scarves by Counting Flowers in the web shop.

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Silk scarf weaving in Laos
Tee is master weaver at Phontong, a Fairtrade cooperative in Laos

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