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Scarf from lotus silk, made in Myanmar

Scarf from lotus silk from Myanmar

2013-02-17 - Soon available at Counting Flowers: exclusive hand woven scarves from lotus silk, made in Myanmar. Myanmar is the only country where artisans produce lotus silk and use this unique fibre in their scarves. The addition of undyed lotus silk creates scarves with a very distinctive look.

A scarf with a story

The lotus flower is a powerful symbol in Buddhism. The flower stands tall and beautiful in muddy water. Therefore Buddhists use the symbol to refer to enlightenment and the purification of the body, soul and mind.

The production of lotus silk is a very labour intensive process.

The artisan breaks the lotus stem and shows the delicate fibres within
Scarf from lotus silk

Production of lotus silk

Scarf from lotus silk, made in Myanmar

The artisan reels the very thin lotus threads into a thicker fibre
Reeling lotus silk

Scarf from lotus silk
Unique scarf from lotus silk


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