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Scarves from Laos

Organic silk from Laos

2013-10-23 - Finally they have arrived! The large, graceful organic silk shawls from Laos. The shawls are made in the new fashion colours red, midnight blue and burgundy. The colours are made from natural ingredients. Eco fashion does not come much better!

Scarves from Laos

The shawls are handcrafted from rare Lao silk. In order to get the thin and smooth result they want, the artisans choose to weave the shawl first, using the still raw, undyed silk. The raw silk yarn feels harder than already washed and dyed yarn and makes it a little easier to weave in a thin and even manner.

As soon as the artisan has finished weaving the shawl, it is washed several times. The now soft and supple silk is then dyed with natural dyestuff. Red and burgundy are made from mulberries, annatto seeds and lac. Indigo leaves make the most beautiful blues.

This way of working guarantees a soft, graceful and very smooth handwoven shawl. The risk is that the dyeing process goes wrong and results in a stained shawl. In that case the artisan has to start all over again. An exeptional shawl, eco and Fairtrade!

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Organic silk scarves

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