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Alpaca scarf

Alpaca scarf

2013-12-03 - Each alpaca scarf by Counting Flowers is handwoven by artisans in Bolivia and Peru. Alpaca fibre is a luxurious fibre with a variety of great qualities. It is much warmer and durable than sheep wool, lightweight and it contains no oils or lanolin. Last but not least alpaca fibre offers excellent thermal capacity (cool in summer and warm in winter).

Alpacas are classified as camelids, along with vicunas, llamas, and camels. They have been bred for their fleece by the indigenous people of Peru, Bolivia and Chile for almost 6,000 years. The alpaca is a high altitude animal (Andes), used to sub zero temperatures at night and harsh sunlight during daytime. Alpacas are mostly kept because of the exclusive quality of their fleece.

The alpaca has a beautiful lustre to its dense, soft fleece. The animals come in a large array of colours that have been categorised into more than twenty distinct colour groups. The light alpaca fibres also take dye well, leading to many bright colours.

View the alpaca scarves from Bolivia.
View the alpaca scarves from Peru.

Read more about the artisans of our alpaca scarves from Bolivia.
Read more about the artisans of the alpaca scarves from Peru.
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Alpaca scarves
Leandro, an artisan in Peru, with his alpaca

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