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New scarves from Ethiopia, Pakistan and Bangladesh

New scarves from Ethiopia, Pakistan and Bangladesh

2014-01-08 - The holidays are behind us and we are prepared and charged for the new year! At this moment weavers in Ethiopia, gypsy women in Pakistan and artisans in Bangladesh are finishing the scarves that will be part of the new Counting Flowers collection.

The weavers in Ethiopia make soft cotton and silk scarves that catch the eye because of their beautiful colours and designs. The women are affiliated with Sabahar, a local Fair Trade organisation. We are happy to enlarge our offer of scarves from Africa and eagerly look forward to the new cooperation with the Sabahar team.

Cotton scarves from Ethiopia
An artisan from Sabahar is spinning cotton thread

The gypsy women in Pakistan are responsible for our popular soft and supple shawls made from a mix of wool and silk in typical Pakistani paisley patterns. The women work with Habitat Integrated Pakistan (HIP), a Fair Trade organisation that helps with the sales and marketing of their handwoven shawls.

Wool shawl from Pakistan
Gipsy women from HIP are wearing their own wool-and-silk shawls

The new silk kantha scarves from Bangladesh are of a very different order. The colourful scarves are made from vintage saris. A kantha scarf can be recognised by the awesome contrasting colour combinations and the typical stitches. The women who make the kantha scarves are working with Basha, a Fair Trade organisation in Bangladesh that helps with training and marketing.

Silk scarf from Bangladesh
An artisan from Basha is working on a silk kantha scarf

Our new collection scarves and shawls will be available from the second half of February in the online shop.

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