Lotus silk scarf Inle


Naturally dyed lotus silk scarf from Myanmar.

Unique in Europe. And in the world! This naturally dyed scarf is handwoven by women living in the water villages on Lake Inle in Myanmar. Their specialty is the production of holy lotus silk.

Lotus fibre is made from the golden threads that can be found inside the stem of lotus flowers.

Lotus silk is used to make the robes of Buddhist monks. The lotus flower is considered very special in Buddhism.

The ladies make each robe and each scarf with true dedication. Unique piece by unique piece.

Size: 11.8 x 70.9 inches
Artisan: Artisans from Myanmar, Myanmar
Fibre: Silk
Weight: 4.4 ounces

Availability: 1 piece(s)

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Very soft
very supple

Made by Artisans from Myanmar

Artisans from Myanmar

Myanmar has a strong tradition of weaving. Its many artisans have been long making the most beautiful handwoven silk fabrics and are also well known for their complex handwoven tribal cottons.

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Because of its beautiful lustre and colourfulness, silk is a very stylish and very popular fibre. Silk is flexible and comfortable and has the unique quality to warm you when it is cold and cool you when it is hot. Silk is durable, lightweight, non-allergic and feels soft to the skin.

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